A landing page is a stand-alone web page that has a form to capture visitors’ information, and whose purpose is to drive people to complete a specific action. 

And, there are multiple types of landing pages in use. 

Opt-in Page 

An Opt-in page’s goal is to capture leads, just like a landing page. They have the same goal, which makes them seem similar. 

There are a few differences between an opt-in page and a landing page: 

MainstreetHost’s How to Conquer Social Media opt-in page
MainstreetHost’s “How to Conquer Social Media” opt-in page.

In comparison, the landing page:

Shopify's landing page for free trial sign-up.
Shopify’s landing page for free trial sign-up.

A Sales Page

When it comes to selling, a Sales Page is the one to use. A sales page plays a role of a salesperson, one that works 24/7 and never goes on vacation.

Depending on your business model, a sales page might be the most important out of all your web pages.

A sales page of VIP Renegage Coaching program.
A sales page of VIP Renegade Coaching program. The image has been cut and combined, since the actual page is thousands of pixels long.

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Webinar and Event Pages

An Event or Webinar page is there to drive registrations for the event. They need to show the date, time, and location of the event, and the result that people will get by attending it. 

This type of page works both for online and offline events. Travel plans, recommendations on a hotel and parking, and a map of the area are something to include on pages for offline events.

A webinar registration page by UpWork.
A webinar registration page by UpWork.

A Thank You Page 

A Thank You page is where your visitor lands after they’ve completed an action – signed up on an opt-in page, subscribed, or registered for an event. 

The main function of this page is to acknowledge the subscription and inform the subscriber about his/her success. But the goals of a thank-you page might be more ambitious – like doing an upsell or cross-sell and earning you more sales. 

Here are a few good ways to use a thank you page:

A clean and concise Thank You page that promotes a free webinar.
A clean and concise Thank You page that promotes a free webinar.


There are “rules” to creating a landing page that came to be from experience of countless marketers and business owners. And as the time goes on, previous best practices stop working.

It makes a lot of sense to tweak a landing page based on the goal and product it is made for. In addition, different target audiences, upsell and cross-sell attempts also make make a page look different.

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